HMS Maeander

hms maeander A search was made in Thomo’s Hole for HMS Maeander. Of course, I don’t always have information about every ship that sailed however the name of this ship fascinated me.

Maeander is an ancient river in South West Turkey and gave us the term “meander” for the bends in a river.

H.M.S. Mæander on the other hand was a 44 Gun vessel of the British Navy, built in 1840 and weighing 1221 tons. In 1859 she was stationed in Devonport.

The illustration is the Maeander “Shortening Sail for Anchoring” at Rio de Janeiro on 9 June 1851. The illustration was presented to Captain The Honourable Henry Keppel, and the Officers of H.M.S. Mæander. The illustration was presented by Oswald W. Brierly who joined Henry Keppel on H.M.S. Mæander, on his circumnavigation, 1848-1851.

That is about all I know of this vessel – however, it is more than I did before the inquiry was made in the Hole.


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