Two Years On – Lips Still Smiling

It’s been two years since Dad’s passing and still there is not a day goes past that I do not think of him. Something I say, something I see or something I hear tweaks the memory and thoughts of Dad drift into my head. After two years the tears have dried now but the smile stays on. I miss him. I miss his wit, his wonderful view of life and his love of life. I miss his teasing and his jokes. I thought to write that I miss his love as well but then I realised that I can still feel that.

I know it is still hard on Mum. I know she has blue days still, something she hears, or sees, or smells, or remembers and (as she describes it) she “gets a little weepy”. I guess that is the strength of the love she shared with Dad.

Still thinking of you Dad.

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