Hi Pete!

OK – it happened – for the first time ever. I was sitting at my usual table for breakfast this morning with Kas (well, we’ve been staying here for nearly 2 years now so we have a regular table), munching on toast, chicken loaf and cheese, when a man walks past, looks in my direction, stops, looks at me again, then comes back to the table and says,

“excuse me, are you Thomo?”

To which the only reply can be,


This was Pete from Europe, who has been in Jeddah for a week. He recognised me from the photo of me on my blog and it turns out he has me bookmarked and reads the blog from time to time.

How rare is that? According to Technorati, in December 2007 they were tracking around 112,000,000 blogs in the blogosphere. Given that I am not staying at one of the largest hotels in Jeddah and that I am not a super-blogger, what is the chance of bumping into a reader of your blog at a hotel in Saudi Arabia?

It was great.

Pete left today heading back home so safe home Pete – it was nice to meet you.

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