Banks and Post Offices

Today was a really mixed day. I had to deal with my bank. Sigh! I can remember a time when dealing with your bank meant dealing with your branch staff and the branch manager. Now, however, with anywhere banking and reducing the staffing levels at branches, you get to deal with the call centre. Today I dealt with the Hobart and Newcastle call centres to be told at the end of it all “well, we really can’t help you at all, even though it is your money, as our procedures are security procedures and they are there to protect you” even when those procedures are not designed to protect me or my money.

Compare that to the Australian Post Office. Awaiting an Express Post letter that had not arrived but needed the contents early, we telephoned the Post Office, spoke to the sorting centre staff and several hours later the recalcitrant letter was located and held for us to collect tomorrow morning early. Kudos to Australia Post then who can still hold their heads high and say, “yes, we do help out customers”.

Aussie Post 1: Aussie Banks 0

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