I Need To Write

I do, really. Both types of writing – writing stories and tales as well as just the physical act of writing. I haven’t been lately though as you will have noticed from the dearth of blog entries over recent months. Partly this was brought on from the stress related to finding another job in an area that is new for me. Partly this was from the stress of coming to terms with a new job whilst the worldwide banking system goes into a mega-meltdown – just great when you work with the banking industry. Partly the stress is from having “no fixed abode” at the moment – well, not strictly true as I can always stay with mum but that is difficult when you are 600 kilometres from your office. So – I have had a settling process and time.

So there I was, driving back to Sydney from Canberra today and thinking “I must have about 1000 stories still that I keep thinking I should write up – travel tales from the past, things that piss me off now, historical pieces, especially those relating to ships”. I really need to start to get cracking on these. Stories such as the head waiter from hell in Moldova; the world’s worst toilet and most impressive visa on entry system; vessels that torpedoed themselves rather than the enemy; Qantas Cutlery; and Qantas’ Lack of Safety come to mind to write.

So, I will make an increased effort over the coming weeks to update the blog. I may make some technical corrections and adjustments as well, such as making an effort to get the gallery back up or at least move all the pictures in there to Picasa Online. I know that WordPress appears to have lost my counter, just as I had clicked over 190,000 visitors to Thomo’s Hole. At the same time, I need to paint some figures and get back to physical wargaming – maybe that will help me de-stress at this most stressful of times.


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