Victorian Science Fiction

It started again … finally. Last weekend we went to Mum’s where I collected some of my wargaming things from under the house. Amongst the several kilograms of unpainted figures I also uncovered my Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) stuff, in particular, the Aeronefs. A took a quick look at the models to see how much repair work is necessary, another quick look to see that the aerial bases are missing, then a further look to find the rules. Put all of this in the boot of the car, with previously mentioned several kilograms of unpainted figures, but keep the rulebook out of the boot and in the car. Stop for a pie on the way home and start reading.

Hooked again!

Down to Games Workshop today and purchase some flying bases because I can’t wait for some to come from England – buying from Games Workshop means that they only have to come from the edge of Sydney although that will probably take the same amount of time.

Now, I am champing at the bit to get home tonight and to start to organise the French and English vessels that I had. Maybe then I’ll grab some Italians and US vessels later then expand it. The good thing is that as I do not have so much space where we are at the moment, the Aeronefs are not that space intensive.

Just to get in the mood for VSF, one could do worse than pay a quick visit to the Victorian SciFi Showcase – Marvellous Men and have a quick shifty there. One of the guys tied up with Brigade Games also has a great blog, Yours With a White Wine Sauce with matters VSF on it.

In any case and in any way, it is great fun.

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