More Victorian Science Fiction

I am in dire need of relaxation. I have been for a while so the last time I was at mum’s house I rummaged through my pile of unpainted metal soldiers and stuff (and remembering that my ships are all in Mongolia at the moment) looking for something to paint. In the end I brought the Ancient 15mm figures I had to Sydney as well as all the Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) I could find (well, they just looked cute and the had a passing resemblance to a ship). I mentioned this below when I last spoke about Victorian Science Fiction.

I’ve science been looking around and for a couple of dollars I can extend what I have in the way of VSF to include a new game, Land Ironclads. Now these things are really nice and I am waiting for some to arrive even as I type. The models I am using are from Brigade Models (part of Brigade’s Aeronef and Land Ironclad ranges) and Irregular Miniatures 2mm (yes, that is correct, 2mm) Franco Prussian War range.

The objective … why fun of course. More on these in later blog postings however you can watch the progress of this stuff in the Picasa album I set up at Aeronefs and Land Ironclads.

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