2mm Figures Have Arrived

In what must be near record service, Monday (that’d be two days ago) the 2mm figures from Irregular Miniatures in the UK arrived. I’d placed the order on 20 November 2008, received an email on 21 November telling me that they were going in the post that afternoon and they arrived in the morning of 1 December 2008 here in Oz – really good service – effectively 6 working days.

The 2mm are small. Really, really small. However, you can make out what they represent and they will work well with the Aeronef I already have as well as the Land Ironclads. In a nice-thing-to-do moment, Irregular also included a couple of sample vehicles with the order as I mentioned I was into Victorian Science Fiction at the moment. I think I shall be getting some more of these in the future when finances permit. The WWI tanks in particular seem to fit in quite well with the VSF theme of things.

The 2mm are quite inexpensive as well and for the French at least I received 36 blocks of infantry, 12 blocks of skirmishers (5 figures per block), 12 blocks of cavalry, 8 of lancers, 12 artillery pieces with limbers and 3 mitrailleuse with limbers. I also received 1 5-figure command group, three 3-figure groups and 3 2-figure groups. Multiple blocks will go on each base to make companies and squadrons. Prussian contents will be detailed in a later post along with more details of the French.

Photos of the French and the Prussians will be added to the Picasa folder that I am keeping all this in over the weekend. The folder is at Thomo’s Wargames – Aeronefs and Land Ironclads.


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