Land Ironclads on the Cheap

Last Hussar noted in a comment to my post about Land Ironclads – the Irregular Miniatures 2mm that he fancied “a game of this, but can’t justify the expense”. Well, this doesn’t need to be all that expensive a period to have a try in. Firstly, the rules. These are a downloaded PDF file. Wessex Games now have many of their rules at the Wargames Vault where the land Ironclads rules can be downloaded for US $11.00 (around £7.50, AU $16.50). Print them off and the rules are taken care of.

When it comes to the actual Land Ironclads themselves, then there is the option of using the lovely models from Brigade Games for the various contraptions and Land Ironclads. The second, and somewhat cheaper option, is to use the 2mm WWI vehicles from Irregular Miniatures. They do British Mark IV and Whippet tanks, French FT-17 and Schneiders and German A7Vs. With the exception of the A7V, they are priced at £0.25 (US $0.38, AU $0.56) for 2 vehicles. The A7V is the same price but for one vehicle. To start with, only a few vehicles are needed and these are not so expensive. Give the models a suitably Victorian paint scheme (not sure what that is exactly) and they will look the part.

Irregular also do some science fiction walkers (think Star Wars episode whatever) which can  be used for some variety.

As far as the infantry, cavalry and artillery goes, then the Franco-Prussian War packs from Irregular mentioned here on a previous post will provide pretty much all the ground forces needed for a cost of £11.00 per side (US $16.50, AU $25.00). The French and the Prussians have a lot in them.

So, for a total cost of around £35.00 (US $52.00, AU $78.00) you could have the forces for both sides, certainly enough for trying out the game.

Of course, if you want to do it even cheaper, then just buy the rules for US $11.00 (around £7.50, AU $16.50), cut up some cardboard counters and then try them out 😆

I’m sure you’ll enjoy these though.

Fine Print Disclaimer: All prices here are indicative and accurate at the time my fingers hit the keyboard but with international financial market melt-downs, zero-day viruses, oil prices that everyone has forgotten about (has demand really dropped off $100 a barrel I wonder), not to mention a gold price that steadily refuses to go through the roof, all I can say is that the cost of the items mentioned above is greater than 0. Whether you obtain more fun than cost from them is another issue and one that I am not going to deal with here 😉

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