2mm French Cavalry and ‘Nef

2mm Lancers of the Guard with Le Brouchet
2mm Lancers of the Guard with Le Brouchet

I got the first batch of French Cavalry out of the way the other day – two squadrons of Lancers of the Guard. That’s them in the photo with Le Brouchet – it is there so you can get a size comparison. The basing is not finished yet – mostly because I am trying to decide whether to flock or not.

I learned a lot from the first batch of 2mm figures I painted. The lessons were:

  1. They are quick to paint – really – really very quick
  2. It is next to impossible to paint between the figures so next time the painting order will be:
    1. Undercoat the figures
    2. Paint the base colour (Goblin Green from Games Workshop in this case) between the horses
    3. Now paint the rest of the figure starting from the tunic colour, then flesh, then hat/helmet/whatever’s on the head/horse/pennant
  3. Base

Still, the figures are so quick to paint. I will have at another batch this weekend I think.


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