More Packaging Oddities

Ainsley's Couscous - see the calories?
Ainsley's Couscous - see the calories?

Mum suggested trying some Couscous with dinner one night after Molly had given it to her. I’d eaten couscous before but thought I’d try it anyway. So, dutiful son that I am, I was wandering around Woolworth’s and checking the couscous and I thought “Ainsley Harriott’s couscous will do”. I bought some and used it with dinner last night. As the couscous was flavoured in a Mediterranean style I thought I would have it with lamb chops. I prepared dinner.

Whilst waiting for things to cook and the water to boil to prepare the couscous, I was reading the back of the packet. I read the instructions for preparation and had some time to kill so I was reading the nutrition information. Now this packet was different to many others in that it contained the nutrition information for both the United Kingdom and Australia. Neat. Checked the one against the other … Sodium, Aussie, 304mg, UK, o.3g … Dietary Fiber, Aussie, 3.1g, UK 3.1g … so far so good.

Then I got to Energy. Australia (per 100g) 597kJ, UK (per 100g) 579kJ. OK, so we have some dyslexia at work here do we? Nope. Checked the calories – 143 against 137. Even the Ave Quantity per serving (and there are two servings in the packet for both Australia and the UK) – 836kJ against 811kJ. Both the Australian and the UK nutrition information note that the information is based on the food being ‘prepared as per instructions without butter or oil’.

Seems then that I have found the reason Aussies are bigger than the English – there are more calories in our Aussie foods than English foods 😆

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