I Like Driving

Camels take over the roadway in the Gobi
Camels take over the roadway in the Gobi

I was driving back from Mum’s yesterday afternoon and it occurred to me how much I enjoyed “life on the road”. Well, it was not really like being a long-haul truck driver, although I suspect I have the temperament, if not the ability to stay awake, to be a long-haul driver. I just noticed though, that I enjoyed it, enjoyed travelling the roads, stopping at diners, looking at the countryside through the windscreen and generally just watching the kilometres flow past.

I also liked the look of the trucks and the smell of the bush blowing in through the open window of the car. I wondered if this was related to my travelling in past years, perhaps there is a little gypsy or road warrior in me. Enough to make it difficult to settle in one place but not so much that I would give up trying to settle.

I recalled whilst driving how much I enjoyed travelling around the countryside in Mongolia, or maybe it is just the camels. I do like camels! Perhaps I’m not so much of a road warrior, more just a road sightseer. 😎

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