New Year, New Appearance

The more perceptive reader of Thomo’s Hole will probably have noticed that I have changed the appearance again. I was not happy with the last theme I was using here. I wanted something fluid so it didn’t matter so much what screen size the Hole was being viewed on. At the same time I wanted something that was kind of bold but simple at the same time. This current theme seems to have both the boldness and the simplicity that I craved.

I must admit to being lazy as well and wanted a theme that would allow me to vary its appearance without spending a weekend bending the CSS and PHP to my will (queue evil, maniacal laughter here).

So, for the next year or two folks, I will be using the Atahualpa theme from the Bytes for All folks that you see here (of course, I won’t be able to leave it alone – I will have to tweak it here and there so you will see small changes coming up, but currently, it is the main theme).

Oh, and this theme also allowed me to play with some more photos I took when I was in Mongolia. All the banner photos that are playing for the foreseeable future are from Mongolia. There are 7 in the series and they will change each time you view a page.

On that note, I’m off for a coffee (instant, I’m at home) and then to do some more tweaking. Do enjoy the Hole in 2009. I can promise that there will be the usual mix of opinion, odd tale, travel story, history and wargaming – with perhaps an emphasis on Victorian Science Fiction and the Raj’s attempt at to ward off the advances of the Russian, French, German and Asian Empires – but more on that later.

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