More Search Reviews

As I mentioned the other day, I check through the search logs at Thomo’s Hole to see what people are looking for. In there I came across these three terms:

  • fbHOllMsLq – no idea what this was!
  • filoitausala – which I think was someone trying to get to the Federal Assistance payments history in American Samoa (Pago Pago). There is a benefit recipient with the name FILOITAUSALA there, although why they were searching in Thomo’s Hole is beyond me. Still, that may explain my visitor from American Samoa, see Thomo’s Visitors
  • MgxaJgUZWVYLEhoMGB – and no idea what this was either!

Still, if anyone searches here again on these terms they will at least find this page and then I can say to them, completely and irreversibly, there is nothing in here matching those terms, and in two cases, nothing on the Internet either!

Oh, and one last thing – I thought I’d show the last search logs to you. These are for searches within Thomo’s Hole, rather than through Google or Yahoo or Live. The results over the last month were:

Term Searches Results
china steam navy 11 9
aeronef 7 6
flags 3 3
henry every 3 2
hott 3 3
norwegian cuisine 3 5
1066 2 2
african 2 4
conways 2 10
norwegian 2 10
bb17 1 0
De Grasse 1 0
downloads 1 10
fbHOllMsLq 1 0
filoitausala 1 0
henry ebery 1 0
hms centurion 1 1
koryo 1 6
new year 1 10

At least now you can see where some of the recent posts has come from 🙂

One last note – previously the unsuccessful searches also were against the following terms:

  • warbattle ship game – I’ve no idea about this – was it battleships you were after?
  • wheel chair – what can I say?
  • rhodesia 1895 – 1895 was when the name Rhodesia was proclaimed … or were you looking for some Victorian Science Fiction?

Warbattle and Rhodesia I can understand … but wheel chair? Here? In the words of Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it”!

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