Slumdog Millionaire

We went to the movies again on Monday night. I like Monday night – $9.50 entrance charge at the Palace on Norton St, Leichhardt and about 10 people in the cinema. A nice wine or beer and a good movie and the world is a wonderful place.

So, we went and saw Slumdog Millionaire. What a great film this is, tracing the love story of Jamal and Latika from when they were children by the medium of Jamal’s appearance on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The TV show is central to the movie’s plot and shows how even a slumdog could win if the questions just happen to be correct.

More central to the plot though was the relationship between Jamal and his brother as well as the two boys and Latika. Start the film in the slums of Mumbai, add some religious intolerance, throw in some pretty scenery around the Taj Mahal, have the boys develop to men and follow separate paths, introduce a villain (“known racing identity” as he would be called in Australia), toss in some rather brutal police interrogation techniques and then couple all that with the desire of 900,000,000 people to change their lot in life and it is a powerful story, told so well.

This really is a must-see movie. I’ve spent about 6 months or so living and working in Mumbai and Bangalore and frankly, from the opening scenes I could smell, hear and taste India as I watched the movie.

Stay for the closing credits too – the Bollywood song and dance on the closing scene is worth it too!

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