Mongolia’s Merchant Marine

Map from the CIA World Factbook
Map from the CIA World Factbook

Knowing how I enjoy the bizarre, I found some information about Mongolia’s Merchant Marine – go on … look at the map 🙂

The Mongolian Merchant Marine currently stands at 77 vessels. Mongolia does provide flags of convenience. The types of vessels are: bulk carrier – 20 vessels; cargo – 44; chemical tanker – 2; liquefied gas – 1; passenger/cargo – 1; petroleum tanker – 2; roll on/roll off – 6; and vehicle carrier – 1 ship.

53 of these vessels are owned by the following foreign countries – China 1, Germany 4, Indonesia 1, North Korea 1, South Korea 1, Lebanon 2, Russia 9, Singapore 9, Thailand 1, Ukraine 1, Vietnam 23.

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