Email Signatures

I know that I spoke of these a while ago, email signatures, that is. Especially those really long ones threatening all kinds of dire results if you are not the person named  – has anyone ever had anything dire happen to them as a result of a misdirected email? Anyway, as I get grumpier, more e-Things start to annoy. The latest little annoyance at the bottom of emails I have received is the expression

sent from my Blackberry


sent from my iPhone

Who cares? Blackberries, iPhones and a host of other mobile phones can send an email and have been able to for many years now. Labelling that you have sent from your Blackberry or iPhone is kind of like that English comedy sketch I saw back in about 2000 or 2001 I think it was, where the main character is standing in the middle of a train carriage with a 2-metre tall mobile phone against the side of his face and is yelling “I’m on the train, talking to you on my mobile phone” just so everyone knew.

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