Windows Live Writer

I’ve played with Windows Live Writer (WLW) before, especially as I like to be able to write blog posts offline, especially when researching stuff about ships and what have you. It’s just more convenient. Unfortunately, WLW used to leave some odd characters in the post when I used it before so I was left with editing in Word 2007, then cutting and pasting to WordPress. This was not an optimum solution however it was all that was available.

So, I tried WLW again today and the issues that were there before have since gone. In fact, I am using it now. WLW lets me handle the layout of blog posts and pages much easier as well as the embedding of pictures and such. Seems to be good.

Well, Thomo has a new toy to play with again so will undoubtedly be in a good mood for a few days as a result.

Well done Microsoft.

One thought on “Windows Live Writer

  1. thomo the lost 12 April 2009 / 12:56 am

    OK – the only issue I’ve found with this is the inability to add a caption to the bottom of an inserted picture. There is a useful blog post called Blogging with Windows Live Writer……..adding a caption to your pictures which gives two method of not quite achieving a caption. They are good methods though. The third method is to posst from WLW, then edit the post in WordPress, editing the picture and adding the caption then.


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