More Aeronefs and Land Ironclads

Over the past few weeks I have received a couple of parcels from Old Blighty. The first came in about 3 weeks ago, just a couple of days after ordering. This was the British and Russian 2mm Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry for the Land Ironclads component of Peshawar. Whilst the Prussians (Germans) and French were figures from the Franco-Prussian War collection, the Russians and the British are from the Crimean War range (thin red line and all that stuff). The nice thing about Victorian Science Fiction is that, well, if it is Victorian then it can be squeezed in – hence the use of Crimean War figures with those from the Franco-Prussian War.

One of the things I am considering when I get around to paint the British, is to base them at half the depth of all the other infantry to better reflect the thin red line.

The second parcel to come was the German Aeronef fleet. I am so looking forward to painting these guys up – a mix of R-Matter craft and some very large dirigibles. Next purchases off the rank here will be the Russian Aeronef fleet followed by some troops to fill in the missing ranks for the French and the Germans. I will then purchase some more British and French Aeronefs to bring their fleets up to the strength of the German and Russian Fleets. Lastly will be the purchase of the fifth nation – the Japanese/Chinese coalition.

The 2mm choo-choo steams across Thomo's desk at the office - poor photo quality is my telephone camera's inability to Macro

I bought a game board a couple of weeks ago as well – had a piece of pyneboard (chipboard) cut down to 900 mm square. I also purchased some sample pots of paint to paint the board. I’ll show it later when I get around to painting it up.

I will also be adding to the Peshawar background and timeline as time permits in coming weeks but perhaps the next post will explain the organisation of the French. In the meantime, to whet your appetite with the decorative side of 2mm coming up, the attached photo of poor quality is one of a 2mm train that will travel the length and breadth of Peshawar.

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