More Searches Answered

As you are all aware now, I check a search meter in Thomo’s Hole from time to time. This meter allows me to see what people have been searching for (although I do not have the information to see who it was that made the search so the person searching for “Thomo’s big ‘uns”, well, your secret identity is still secret and safe)!

OK, on to the last few weeks’ worth of unsuccessful searches. There has been a significant drop in failed searches as the content here better reflects the tastes of the readers (well, I like to kid myself that this is the real reason the number of searches has dropped off). Anyway, on to the results:

Search Term

Link to Try


alternate history of Ww2 james kyler

Can You Tell Fact from Fiction – 1939

James provided me an Alternative History to WWII and it was published under the name of “Can You Tell Fact from Fiction”. I’ve only published 1939 to the new Thomo’s Hole. In fact, I am not sure that James gave me any more notes after that … James – if you are reading this – send the rest of the war! This was published as a page here in Thomo’e Hole

axis and allies

Axis & Allies Home Page

I am guessing this refers to the Axis and Allies wargame available in many places. I don’t play that game at all – preferring to use Blitzkrieg Commander or Rapid Fire for my WWII land gaming. The link to the left is the official Axis and Allies website

Lightning War

  These are a set of fast play World War II rules provided to me by David Child-Dennis from New Zealand a few years ago. They are here in the Hole and will be available for download once I work out the vagaries of doing that in the blog software here. I’ll post a note when it is available. In the meantime, if you want a copy of them, drop me a note and I’ll email them to you.

They were the only three searches this time. I still have articles in preparation for some of the previous search requests, including the Battle of Sluys, and the naval battles of the Schleswig Holstein War – although with regard to the later, at the time those searches came in I was reading Harry Flashman’s efforts in keeping from the clutches of Otto von Bismarck and Lola Montez in the second Flashman novel, Royal Flash (The Flashman papers).

More search results next month.

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