Unsuccessful Search – Naval Action Franco-Thai War

A quick post in response to an unsuccessful search here at Thomo’s Hole a couple of days ago. The search term used was

Naval action between the Vichy French and Thais in

712px-Battle_of_Koh_Chang_17_january_1941_(English_version).svg Which did not find anything here. Part of the reason nothing was found is that I have the research … but I still have not got around to writing it all up (lazy boy). I mention this from time to time, the least being in this post, More Upcoming Pieces where I noted again (for about the fourth or fifth year running) that I had the research but needed to write it up. It was not so much just the naval actions either but rather the entire Franco-Thai War – much of which was fought as aerial combat as well as this naval action.

If you want to find something really quite useful, the I would recommend using Google and searching the term “battle of koh chang” as it was just off Chang Island (Koh Chang) that the main naval action occurred on 17 January, 1941. There is a good article on the Wikipedia site. If it is specifics for wargaming that action, then I can recommend David Manley’s Naval Campaign Pack for the Battle of Koh Chang – containing a lot of good background material. There are some other good sites for this information on the web as well and it is surprising the amount of information now available about this rather obscure (in a World War II sense) little battle.

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