More Ships Called Mongolia

ss MONGOLIA It seems that amongst other tales of Mongolia, Thomo’s Hole is becoming a small repository of ships called Mongolia. There are the last two posts on this matter, USS Mongolia in June 2007 and then a follow-up post, More on the USS Mongolia just recently. I was looking for some information from some old Australian newspapers online for some information on the Battle of Khalkin Gol (the battle was known as the Nomonhan to the Japanese) as well as the Russian Japanese War. I searched Mongolia and low and behold, found another ship called the Mongolia.

On 20 June 1923 the Melborne Argus had an article about the latest Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) mail steamer, the Mongolia – the article noted:

The latest P. and 0. mail steamer, the Mongolia, 15,000 tons, is expected to reach Melbourne to-day. The vessel ran her trial trip on the Tyne on April 26, and is on her maiden voyage, She takes the place of the old Mongolia, lost off Bombay during the war.

This was next to a piece about the eruption of Mt Etna.

The P&O Mongolia, as compared to the American Mongolia ((Laid down 7 June 1902 by the New York Steam Ship Co., Camden, New Jersey; Launched 25 July 1903)), was the third P&O vessel to bear the name Mongolia. The three P&O vessels were:

Built Comments Tons
1865 This vessel was built by Scotts Greenock, Yard No 106 and was scrapped in 1888 at Bombay. She was originally built for the Calcutta to Suez run but later served on the London – India service. She carried a total of 171 passengers as is the first picture in this post. 2,799
1903 This vessel was built by Caird & Company Greenock, Yard No 302. She struck a mine on 23 June 1917 about 80 kilometres off Bombay and sank. Casualties were the loss of 23 lives. 9,505
1923 in 1938 this vessel was chartered to the New Zealand Shipping Company and renamed as the Rimutaka. The vessel was later sold to a Panamanian company and renamed Europa 16,385

The third Mongolia, for example, travelled from Brisbane to London and there is an archive of the list of passengers disembarking in London at the English National Archives which notes: 

Mongolia (Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company) travelling from Brisbane to London.

Embarking at Sydney, Melbourne, Port Said, Gibraltar, Marseille, Colombo, Fremantle, Port Sudan and Adelaide.

The archive has the Official Number: 145517.

Then there are the vessels that were named Mongolian, rather than Mongolia. I’ll cover them in a separate post. In the meantime, if you are searching for information on ships, there is so much available on the Internet these days, but a couple of really useful sites:

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