Dugan Khad

Way back in June 2005 I posted a entry to Thomo’s Hole called Dancing Trees and Pretty Girls. This was a post as a result of having been out to Dugan Khad, and at the time, I got the directions all screwed up. This post is to correct some of the errors from that original post.

Dugan Khad is actually in Bornuur soum (a soum is like a country town and the area around it). Bornuur is in Tuv aimag (province). Ulaanbaatar is a special area inside Tuv as well. Dugan Khad is about 108 kilometres north of Ulaanbaatar and is one of the “special areas” in Mongolia. I guess that is the equivalent of our national parks.

Dugan Khad is actually named after a rock called Dugan. The rock is an interesting structure and is on a branch of the Khentei Mountain range. The rock is like a temple.

The area is covered in pine trees, birch, cedar, cherry and so on – which is why my post about this area referred to Dancing Trees. It was the first time I went somewhere in Mongolia where there were many trees.

There is a hotel complex there and so the traveller can stay a couple of days, enjoying nature – or just get a hot tea and some buuz and just relax on a day trip.

It is well worth visiting if you are in Mongolia. Unfortunately, when I was there I did not have my camera with me so only had some pretty average telephone pictures of the area. I shall certainly go back there one day.

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