UNYK – It Ain’t No Plaxo

I had a request from a friend to update my personal data, email address etc in UNYK so that we could maintain contact. You know the sort of thing – you change your email address or phone number and all your contacts are updated automatically. I went into UNYK, read the terms of service and the privacy policy and thought, “OK, seems OK to me”.

I created a profile then went to add my home address. UNYK has some slick software running so when you select your country of residence, it lists the states of it (in my case, Australia so it listed the 6 states and 2 territories of Oz). So far so good. Now, because the state selected was NSW, it then showed a list of all the towns and suburbs in NSW. I looked for mine. It was missing. I had to put my Post Code in but looked and low and behold, my suburb was not there.

As I was checking, I noticed that also missing were the Sydney suburbs of Lewisham and Summer Hill. Of course, as the application is trying to be elegant, there is no way to manually type the suburb, only select from the pull-down lists.

You blew it guys!

Back to Plaxo where I can type my address exactly as it appears on the envelope the bill for my Internet connection comes in.

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