Good Samaritans

In Australia over the past few days there has been much public discussion around the mongrels who murdered Luke Mitchell. At least two of these mongrels have fled overseas [Police hunt good Samaritan Luke Mitchell’s killers overseas | Herald Sun] and perhaps a third is still in Australia. Seems these mongrels tracked Mitchell down and then beat him and stabbed him after he had intervened to stop these three blokes continue a beating of a fourth bloke as well as providing some protection to his sister-in-law.

It is easy to think that good hearts and kind acts are disappearing from Australia but the last couple of mornings on the train to work have partly reassured me of the basic goodness of the Australian character. On both mornings an old bloke has got into the carriage, hands shaking visibly, very unsteady on his pegs and using a walking stick whilst carrying a plastic shopping bag. On both mornings people have stood to let the old bloke sit. On both mornings the old bloke has had trouble standing again when the train arrived at Central and so on both mornings, one of the younger male passengers has helped to lift the old bloke to his feet again.

Well done folks.

Whilst this can in no way compare to the brutal murder of Mitchell, it is at least encouraging to see that Aussies still have kindness in their hearts.


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