HMAT Bulla

HMAT Bulla

I was looking at some websites the other day and I came across a collection of ships that were used by the Australian government during World War 1 in particular as transports. Some were Royal Australian Navy ships (HMAS) but many were merchant vessels leased by the government (and bore the prefix HMAT – His Majesty’s Australian Transport).

HMAT Bulla caught my eye in particular, mainly because she was the first vessel I saw as I paged down the website in camouflage.

HMAT Bulla weighed 5,099 tons and had an average cruise speed of 10.5 knots. The Bulla was a prize, previously being German vessel called Hessen. Bulla was manned by Australian officers and crew and transferred to the Commonwealth Government Line on 15 April 1918.

This photo tied in well with the post in Thomo’s Hole WWI Merchant Navy Camouflage Patterns and Mal’s piece on Colour Schemes of World War 1 Warships.


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