Peshawar – German Aeronefs and Aerostats

The German Fleet Pack from Brigade Models As one of the main protagonists in my Peshawar Campaign, I selected the Germans. In Victorian times the Germans were very active creating a nuisance in Europe and trying to compete with the French and English in building overseas empires.

To speed the process of building a German Aeronef fleet up, I purchased the German Grand Fleet pack which has a mix of Aerostats and Aeronefs. The Aerostats are based around 5 dirigibles – which are really very easy to see in the picture. The rest of the vessels in the pack consist of a couple of battleship types, some cruisers and patrol vessels. Full contents are:

  • Two Markgraf class Battleships
  • Two Schleswig-Holstein class Dig Battleships
  • Two Koln class Cruisers
  • Two Emden class Cruisers
  • Five SA15 class Escort
  • Five VA7 class Escort
  • Three Brandenburg class Digs

Can’t wait to get paint on these guys and see how they look with the German Land Ironclads and the 2mm infantry.

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