Wargaming Update

I thought I should post a quick update of where I am up to with wargaming at the moment. I have given the Victorian Science Fiction (aeronef and land ironclads) a bit of a break at the moment as I wanted to get some 1/3000th ships out of the way. I have been painting a World War 1 Italian fleet. Up to today, I have the battleships finished and based along with about half of the cruisers (mainly the big armoured cruisers). The rest of the vessels (6 submarines, another 10 cruisers, 16 destroyers and about 22 torpedo boats) are almost ready to slide down the slipway, needing just some minor work to get them complete. You can see progress to day below.

Well, OK, the Wirraway is not a World War 1 Italian Ship – but it was in the same directory. 🙂

On the blocks for the next batch of work is the Austrian World War 1 fleet – I’ll detail those later. Also, the German Aeronef fleet for Peshawar is begging to be painted as are the English and German Land Ironclads. Then there are the British, German and Russian land forces as well. I will get back into those shortly as well. One other thing I am looking at is mind mapping my Victorian Science Fiction as the scope of that little project has been growing.

Lastly, for the regular games with Terry, I think we’ll give Ancient Command and Colours a break for a while and play some GMT War Galley. I have the box next to me now and perhaps tonight, in front of Masterchef Australia, I’ll start punching the counters out.


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