Fly United … Not!

Being a traveller and having flown to around 50 countries and flown many times, I can appreciate the frustration of some of the arrogant things some airlines do. I’ve had luggage go missing. When I was living in the UK, the guy that used to deliver lost luggage when it finally turned up used to telephone me and let me know when he was arriving so I could have the kettle boiled when he arrived for a cup of tea. Yes, he had come to my place many times. Then there was the tale of my luggage here, when Thomo’s Baggage Flies Further Than Thomo and Talking About Thomo’s Baggage Flies Further Than Thomo. Fortunately the airlines have buckled to their responsibility with me – or perhaps I have just been lucky by avoiding American Airlines.

Dave Carroll has not been so lucky.

In a blog post called United Breaks Guitars Carroll explains his trials and tribulations with United Airlines. Reading this post is a wonderful example of customer non-service and buck passing. What’s best, however, is the music.

Dave Carroll is a musician and when he finally folded in his struggle with United, he promised to write three songs. The second song is in preparation now, but the first song and video is available for viewing on YouTube – really worth watching. Enjoy it.


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