7inch guns in dutch east indies in ww11

Well, that was one of the search terms used to come to Thomo’s Hole. I was looking through the statistics of Thomo’s Hole during my lunch break today an this was one of the search terms used on an incoming. That is, someone had searched the term “7inch guns in dutch east indies in ww11” and ended up in Thomo’s Hole.

Being a wargamer and having at least a passing interest in the Dutch involvement in the East Indies in World War 2, certainly from the point of view of ABDA and the various naval and aircraft combat of this time, this search did raise some interest.

As far as I was aware, the 7-inch guns were mostly used for coastal defence but perhaps not by the Dutch. The Dutch Navy does not seem to have used any ordinance around 17 or 18 cm – the website of the Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II only lists weapon calibres of 11-inch (28 cm), 9.5-inch (24 cm) then a drop to 6-inch (15 cm) guns (not even any 8-inch guns listed).

If I find out any more, I’ll add it here.

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