Aussie publishers reject Amazon Kindle

And rightly so too. I hope they reject all the other separate digital publishers readers out there as well – leastwise for the news.

The Sydney Morning Herald Technology Section reported today that Aussie newspapers had rejected the Amazon Kindle as a means of distributing digital news.

Let me make a basic observation and then note something. The only days I really have time to sit down with a leisurely breakfast whilst reading a newspaper are Saturday and Sunday morning – and where I live now I would have to go fetch the paper first. Most other mornings, if I had a chance to look at the paper, then it would be whilst travelling to work. Why then would I want to cart along one more electronic device?

I have my laptop on my shoulder throwing my back out of plumb, and my mobile phone in my chest pocket filling the old dicky ticker with cancerous radio waves, so now the newspaper publishers are considering giving me something else to hold in my hand and possible lose on the train just so I can subscribe to and read the news. Give me a break and give me the news on  my phone. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look pretty, its the news and the content is what matters there. Let me look at it on my PC during coffee breaks at the office, but don’t expect me to shell out a couple of hundred bucks for one more electronic device to cart around the city.

Mobipocket Reader((Sigh – I think this is an Amazon company at that as well)) allows me to read books on my Symbian OS phone((Nokia E71 at the moment)). My phone browser can also give me access to the news so don’t be surprised if I don’t buy a reader to do this.

And to quote the Herald,

The choice of digital reader is part of the wider issue confronting newspapers – how to get readers to pay for material on websites or other digital devices after a decade of obtaining free access to it.

Well, maybe the newspapers should follow the example of others. MX manages to distribute a free newssheet at the major railway stations in Sydney and Brisbane (and presumably  the other major Australian capitals as well). Why charge the reader for it then – find a better business model that fits with the future. If an operation like MX can print and distribute hardcopy for free then why would I want pay for digital versions of it?


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