A Little OC

I’ve been a little stressed lately and not able to relax. I was sitting on the train this morning, still stressed, and thinking about writing. I’ve mentioned it before here. I enjoy writing – not just expressing ideas in words but the physical act of actually writing. I enjoy typing as well but a good keyboard is not as satisfying as the perfect combination of pen, paper and words.

Thinking about that got me to thinking about being a little Obsessive Compulsive. I guess we all are to a greater or lesser extent. I know, for example, when I am hanging washing on the line to dry, if I put a red peg on a garment, all the other pegs that go on that garment are the same colour. I have not got to the extent that all pegs on one line are the same colour but I guess that would be the next step.

I wondered about OCness then. Wondered about it again this morning as I was pondering on the train, wondered about it some more as I made some notes in my notebook today (thinking how well the pen suited my writing style). It then occurred to me that in times of high stress, a little OCness seems to calm a little, to make it easier to deal with the stress.

Now, where did I put my pen.


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