Thomo Strikes Again

I picked up my Significant Other (SO) a week or so ago in the city. As she got into the car she said “the car smells a little doesn’t it?” I replied “yeah, I noticed that the other day but wasn’t sure what it was.”

Time passed and each time SO or I got into the car, we’d notice the smell.

Two nights ago I said “I wonder if it is the umbrella in the boot – perhaps I put it in there when it was wet?”

“That could be it” said SO.

Today I got into the car to meet SO at Ashfield Mall. I noticed the smell again but when I got to the Mall I needed to get the shopping bags out of the boot. I opened the boot and sniffed and sure enough, the smell was still there. I grabbed the umbrella, felt it but it was dry. I then sniffed it – still no smell there. I moved the bags and shuffled things around but could not detect where the smell was coming from.

I then stuck my head further into the boot and then noticed, up the back of the boot, was a small tray of chopped lamb – a packet of meat like you would buy from the supermarket. The use by date on it was 15 July 2009. Today is 29 August 2009. Near as I can tell, it must have slid off the other shopping when I was driving back from the supermarket around 10 July 2009. As I would have shopped at night then I hadn’t noticed it.

Of course, it took me two weeks to actually look into the boot to see what the smell was.


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