Australian War Memorial – World War 1 Aerial Warfare

PA312477 Back in September I went to the AWM Large Storage facility with the boys. That was great. One of the things I noticed on that trip though was that some of the exhibits we had seen before at the AWM for World War 1 – namely the FT-17 tank, the Mark IV and such – were at the Large Storage Facility. This meant that something else had gone on display at the AWM.

I remember too that back last year I noted that there was an Albatros DVa and Pfalz DXII Being Restored at AWM. This was significant for two reasons. One was the display that the War Memorial would have in the future and the second was that the restoration was a specialist job. Have a look back at that post and see what I mean.

PA312476 Last weekend, apart from having the Cold War Commander modern battle with Doug, I went with two of my sons to the War Memorial to see what had replaced the World War 1 tanks. There were now five old biplanes on display – an RE8, a DH4, the Albatross and the Pflaz as well as an AVRO 504K.

In addition to the aircraft, Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings fame) had been asked to put together a short film about World War 1 aerial combat. This film ran for about 13 minutes and stretched across a couple of screens. Jackson did the film for free. If you are at all interested in World War 1 aerial warfare, then seeing that short film is worth the time and effort to get to the AWM itself and the ‘planes are an extra benefit.

Some of the original research material Jackson used is available to look at as well.

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