Needing to Write and Paint

I’ve been a bit busy lately with work, trying to sort some business for the coming year. Some of the research for that has broken into my time at night, the time I paint ships or soldiers and the time I write. I am hoping that soon this will quieten down a little and I can return to my evening relaxations. There is much to do.


I have the NATO Danes circa 1980(ish) to finish. Phase 1 is painted but the bases still need flocking and the whole thing varnished. I’ll photograph when that is done. To those I need to add a few more M113s, Unimogs, Land Rovers an aircraft or two as well as maybe some more infantry.

I want to start working on my NATO circa 1980(ish) Norwegians. For a change, where the Danes were built with Ros and Heroics figures, the Norwegians will be built, as much as possible (perhaps) from C n C Miniatures. Or maybe I’ll do the NATO circa 1980(ish) Dutch instead. Later I’ll do the Swedes so that I have NATOs north flank and/or the Scandinavian Response Group done.

The Victorian Science Fiction for my Peshawar campaign is also waiting. I should start some games of that soon but for painting I have the German Aeronefs and Land Ironclads as well as the British Land Ironclads to paint. I still need to buy the Russian Aeronefs and Land Ironclads as well as the French Land Ironclads. The last part to add to this and paint will be the combined Japanese/Chinese/East Asian forces.


More writing needs to be done with Peshawar as well. As always I will post the pieces for that to this blog. However, I am trying to persuade Number Two son to help out a bit and do me a Victorian Science Fiction themed area that I can write up Peshawar into as a series of separate Dynamic and Static Web Pages.

I still have research for Khalkhin Gol (Nomonhan) and need to write that up some more – maybe look a little more deeply into that as well.

There have been some interesting searches in Thomo’s Hole that will lead to articles. Some however, will not. The searches were:

  • bancs – this was the software I worked on for many years when I worked at FNS (now TCSFS). I won’t be writing anything about that.
  • FNS – this was the company I worked for for many years. As a matter of course, I don’t talk about my employer either here in my blog or on my Facebook account or similar. Apart from confidentiality agreements, it is a dumb thing to do – like commenting on your blog on your partner. So, there’ll be nothing on them in here.
  • USS Louisiana BB19 – a ship. Yes, I can see something coming up on this wonderful old American battleship.
  • Uighur – given my interest in Mongolia, I should also look at something of Uigher history.
  • Ian Winbolt – no idea about this one at all – I’ll have to look at this and consider it.
  • Henry Every –  someone was looking for pictures of Henry Every – I’ll need to examine this further.
  • Catal huyuk – this was a Neolithic town in Anatolia – not sure why someone was searching that here but I’ll have a look. I know I have some pictures around somewhere of a Neolithic town in Cyprus so maybe that is related.

So, so much writing to do. Some research, some reading and then writing. Another few days more and I should have work sorted for the year and then the evening researches and writing can restart.

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