Subway’s Odd Energy Ratings

01122009121 I had a sub for lunch yesterday. Whilst munching away on it I was reading the serviette, as one does. Subway thoughtfully include some details of the nutrition content of various of their subs, as a guide to us fat buggers to help us lose our commanding girths I guess.

So what was interesting about that?

The Ham Sub contained 1100kJ of energy (along with 4.1g of fat of which 1.2g was saturated fat). The Turkey Sub contained 1110kJ of energy (5.1g fat, 1.5g saturated). However, the Turkey and Ham sub did not contain the expected 1105kJ of energy but rather 1140kJ of energy (4.9g fat and 1.4g saturated).

So, start with a turkey sub, subtract half the turkey and replace it with ham which contains less kilo Joules of energy and instead of lowering the total kilo Joules, you actually increase the total.

Rates up there with the odd couscous nutrition information I mentioned back in December last year with a post about More Packaging Oddities.

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