Danish Napoleonic Naval Questions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to build the Danish Fleet, circa 1801, as a starter for use with Napoleonic Naval Wargames. I was looking at using the Trafalgar Rules by Mark Latham to play with. Reading through the rules I noticed that there was no Danish vessels listed in the various fleet lists. I guess this is because at their main battle at Copenhagen in 1801 they were moored.

So, I am looking to put some game aids together for them. I was thinking of using either the statistics for the Batavian Republic (Dutch) although they may reflect too low a drop in quality. The other stats to use as a blueprint that come to mind are those of the Swedes, for no other valid reason other than they are both Scandinavian and spent a good deal of their respective histories fighting each other.

Those statistics along with the colour of the Danish vessels are my two burning questions at the moment. Well, those two questions as well as a list of the Danish ships at the time 😆

If anyone has the answers to these burning questions:

  1. Statistics to use for Danish vessels in then Trafalgar Naval Wargame Rules
  2. Colours of the strakes especially and vessels generally for vessels in the Danish fleet – were they uniform or varied as well
  3. Names and rate of the vessels that made up the Danish fleet of the time

Please feel free to comment here with answers. As and when I find answers to these questions I will post them here to the Hole as well.

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