Next Painting Task

05012010124 I have just received my next batch of 1/6000th scale ships for painting. This batch is the Italian World War 1 fleet as well as four markers for sinking ships (these will be very interesting to paint) as well as some colliers.

These ships mark a slight departure from the work I have done before for John in that some of the Italian ships were in dazzle schemes and camouflage. This will be the first time that I will try and paint those patterns in 1/6000th so I am looking forward to the challenge.

John also included some information and scans of old pictures of some Italian ships to be going on with.

With this batch as well I am thinking of adopting a different approach to the labels on the bases. Instead of the usual DD01 as the code for, say, the Vincenzo Giordano Orsini, I will look at using the codes used by the Regia Marina so the Orsini would then be represented by the code of ‘OR’.

As I painted my Italian World War 1 fleet (Navwar ships) in basic grey already, after researching more as a result of John’s request, I can see I will need to go back and do some additional painting.

Recently I have been in a Danish mood with a modern Danish NATO force and Danish Napoleonic Sailing Ships. I guess I am moving into an Italian period now as well as I just made a purchase of 6mm (1/300th) scale vehicles and troops for Italian forces circa 1940 from the new owners of Heroics and Ros (H&R). H&R has recently been split from Navwar after a bazillion years and sold off to another owner. I’ll let you know how their mail order is vis-à-vis the service from Navwar, One area where they are ahead of Navwar is that they have an email address and Andy (the new owner) seems happy to answer emails.

More on the Italian 1/300 scale later.

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