Painting Update, January 2010

As I mentioned the other day, I have the next batch of ships to paint. They will be done over the next month. I’m away for a couple of weeks which will slow the process down a little and for the 1/6000th Italian World War 1 ships, I need to do some more research (which will, of course, be shared here later). This may result in a repaint to some of my 1/3000th ships. 😦

In the meantime, I have been finishing off phase 1 of the 1/300th scale (6mm) Modern NATO Danes. These are built for the Cold War Commander wargame rules, a game I have been playing a lot of recently. The Phase 1 aircraft (a Draken and a Super Sabre) were finished today. The phase 2 aircraft (Phantom) will be painted when I finish the extra forces purchased for this Battlegroup.

Somewhere in the air are the remaining painting projects for the next few months. On the way is a PacFed Future War Commander army in 6mm, an early North African Italian World War 2 army in 1/300th (6mm) as well as a Russian Aeronef fleet for the Peshawar Victorian Science Fiction campaign. I also need to do some more writing for Peshawar. I hope to get to that in the last week of January as I have a few days holiday where I hope to sit on a beach, play some golf and catch up on some reading and writing. More on that later too.

And now, time to spray varnish the aircraft (this is always the nervous part of the painting process for me as I wonder whether the varnish will discolour the paint job).

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