Books and Pools

I have a few days off and so I slipped over to Bangkok. After living in a Radisson Hotel in Jeddah for two years, I had so many points from their frequent stayer program that I could book a room here on points only. Add in cheap flights on Tiger Airways ((albeit perhaps the smallest seat and row space ever, especially for the gentleman of the more fulsome figure if not the fattest a… er, you get the picture)) and an inexpensive holiday ensued.

So, what is Thomo reading whilst sitting around the pool with the tall drinks in the umbrella glasses? Steig Larsson’s “The Girl Who Played With Fire”. This series of books, starting with “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” has to undoubtedly be the most frustrating books I have ever read. Just when you think the hero is starting to get on, you discover that the story is more about the heroine. Just when things look like they can’t possible get worse for her, they do. Just when you think you can put the book down to pick up your glass, you just have to turn the page one more time. So friustrating – I love it.

The Swedish story is so well crafted and more importantly, the English translation does not suffer from the issues normally found with translation – the beauty of Larsson’s prose comes through, along with the smells, tastes and sounds of Stockholm.

Highly recommended books – and yes, I will be getting the final and third volume in the series as I expect that at the end of volume 2, I will be even more frustrated than I am now!

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