Emery Rice’s Grave

DSC03830 Jessica wrote to me again recently. She’s been to Washington and whilst there, she went to the Arlington Cemetery where many of the USA’s war dead and ex-servicemen are buried. She was looking for the grave of Captain Emery Rice of the USS Mongolia fame.

I’ve written about the USS Mongolia before, in particular see USS Mongolia, More on the USS Mongolia and also about Capt Emery Rice, see for example USS Mongolia and Captain Emery Rice.

Anyway, Jessica went to Arlington and tracked down Emery’s grave. If anyone is passing and want to see it for themselves, to remember old sea captain and from what I can gather from what I have read so far, an interesting character as well, then his grave can be found in the cemetery section 3 and the grave number 4177.

It took a while for Jessica to find it so you might have to persist. The grave stone gives his rank as Lt Commander.

I am not an expert on US Navy rank, especially that during World War 1, but all references I have seen to Rice refer to him as Captain Rice, rather than Lt Commander Rice. Am I missing s0mething simple here?


One thought on “Emery Rice’s Grave

  1. Andy Hall 8 February 2010 / 4:18 am

    In the USN, officers in command of a vessel are routinely and informally referred to as “Captain So-and-so,” or “the captain,” regardless of their actual rank. It would be very common for contemporary news accounts to confuse what is essentially a courtesy title based on the office one holds — like “commodore” in the Royal Navy of the Napoleonic period — with a formal, commissioned rank.


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