Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 It’s just got longer. I think I mentioned before that I occasionally paint for other wargamers and usually only those things that I enjoy painting, like ships. Recently as well I have taken to the Blitzkrieg, Cold War and Future War Commander wargame rules from Specialist Military Publishing Ltd with some relish.

You may also recall me mentioning my Modern (well, 1980 anyway) Danish Wargame Army in 6mm for Cold War Commander (CWC) before. That’s almost complete now – I have another 12 bases of those to do.

On the painting table at the moment (and pictured throughout this blog post) is the Future War Commander (FWC) army that I’m building to do battle with the evil minions of Doug in Canberra! These are the PacFed (Pacific Federation) forces supplied from Brigade Models in the UK. These represent the forces of good and niceness from Australia and the Pacific sometime in the future. Facing them will be the evil SAC (South African Confederation) forces of Doug’s.

P2112807 The painting of PacFed is going well. There are 70 bases in this force which total to about 6,000 points in FWC game terms.

The two pictures above show the forces as they are and their state of painting at the moment. So, how does this affect the paint queue – obviously these are being painted?

When these are finished (which I hope will be before the weekend after next) I have the following to do:

  1. World War 1 Italian Fleet in 1/6000th scale for John in the US. Research for this is almost complete as some of these vessels were in a dazzle camouflage scheme whilst others in a simpler plain grey
  2. Lee from Taiwan’s World War 1 British and German fleets – research underway for them as well to see what German funnel colours were for Jutland (yes, I forgot) and whether any of the British ships were camouflaged
  3. My World War 2 Early Italian (1940 ish) Army for Blitzkrieg Commander (BKC) in 6mm. My target for these is by the third week of March
  4. Lee’s Vikings in 15mm. Lee sent me just over 300 Vikings to paint as well – the figures are from Two Dragons Miniatures and are in the Roman Britain jigsaw puzzle box in the photo above. I haven’t painted 15mm commercially before so this will be a kind of test case – although I can’t see myself taking many 15mm figure commissions in the future.


Finally, to get an idea of how the the PacFed will look when the painting and basing is finished, to the left as a fully complete element.

The colours for the Pacfed came from the Australian Cricket Team’s old One Day uniform which I thought gave a nice, futuristic science fiction appearance and appeal to the army. When it is fully painted I’ll photograph the entire army in one shot.

Now, where did I put the brushes?

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