Thomo’s Painting Queue

P2112806 All the 6mm Science Fiction figures of the army of goodness and rightness, the PacFed, are now painted, based, flocked and varnished. They’re ready for the wargame this weekend against Doug’s ev-vil SAC forces. The photo left is some of them in varying states of being painted. I’ll photograph them all next week and add those photos to one of my albums somewhere.

Next on the painting queue is more 1/6000th scale ships. This time it is the Italian Navy of World War 1 for John in the US. I hope to get those knocked over fairly quickly as I also have some 1/300th (6mm) World War 2 Italian ground forces to paint, then more 1/6000th ships.

Mind you, I do think that the final versions of the PacFed look good – here’s a base of infantry just as a teaser for the full photographs next week. These are about one and a half to two times life size – the actual figures stand at 6mm in height.


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