A Mystery of Physics

P2192812 The photo to the left is the PacFed Science Fiction army I had painted to use with the Future War Commander Wargame rules. I added magnetic strips to the bases of the figures and cut some galvanised iron sheet which I glued to the bottom of the box allowing the figures to stick to the bottom of the box and keep them protected whilst being transported.

Of course, when I packed the box, everything fitted perfectly, so perfectly in fact, that there was just not quite enough space for one base.

P2212822 I went to Canberra, I played a game and took most of the figures out of the box. Just before leaving to return to Sydney I repacked the box. Of course, now I could not remember how I packed it the first time. This time, however, I ended up with space in the box after packing everything. Initially I thought I had forgotten to pack something so spent about 15 minutes trying to see what was missing. Nothing was. Strangely, by packing another way, I had more space.

I think I’ll take an aspirin and have a good lie down now 😕

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