PacFed vs SAC

P2212819 The battle took place last Sunday morning. Figures were from Brigade Models, rules were the Future War Commander Rules from Specialist Military Publishing, the forces of goodness and niceness, the Pacific Federation (PacFed) under the command of yours truly and the forces of ev-vil and not-niceness, the South African Confederation (SAC) under the ev-vil grand master of badness, Doug.

My forces, PacFed, had a slight numerical superiority over SAC. My forces were also faster, although a little lighter. I tried to pin the SAC in the centre and move around his left flank. Alas, it was to no avail as the heavy SAC AFVs steadily took a toll on the PacFed armour.

P2212821 Even simple tasks seemed too much for PacFed as the second picture shows. Here an Ocelot light grav-tank of the PacFed attempts to overrun a reconnaissance unit of the SAC … unsuccessfully as it turned out.

Oh well, back to the military college for some more training before taking on SAC again in three weeks time or so.These vehicles to the left here not so large, the yellow PacFed vehicle is about 25mm long. The camouflaged SAC reconnaissance vehicle smaller, about 20mm long.

One thought on “PacFed vs SAC

  1. Doug 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    At last – the glorious defenders of the African homelands fought off the hegemonistic imperialist invaders. I was very impressed with the way the PacFed looked though; especially all the nice shiny infantry in what looked like Aussie One-Day Cricket uniforms… I was looking for a gum-chewing Ponting, but I suspect he may have been blown up by the Olifants… As in CWC, artillery can be devastating.. although the observers were useless, with each side only managing one successful strike call in the entire game!


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