A Year’s Worth of Visitors

It was this time last year that I started to use Clustr Maps to display where the visitors to Thomo’s Hole were coming from. Every year the map is archived and a fresh one starts. This is about to happen here now so I though I would take this opportunity to record and save the details at this time.


Firstly the map. If you click on the image to the left a larger size map will be seen which will allow you to see more clearly the location of the visitors. I note that I have had visitors from almost everywhere, including the far north of Alaska (Nuiqsut perhaps), the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Ocean Islands as well as the usual places.

Even though I am Australian, most of the visitors to the Hole come from the US and the UK. In fact, I have had visitors from 161 countries around the world – I have not had visitors from some of the African and Caribbean countries as well as North Korea.

In the year from 1 March 2009 and 2 March 2010 there have been 36,402 visits to Thomo’s Hole. If I add in the three months from January 2009, the total is 41,248 visitors.

I have other statistics from Google Analytics amongst other places but these are the easiest to see and to share. I am quite pleased with the regular visitors that arrive here, read, comment and enjoy the Hole.

You’ll see a new map in the sidebar in a day or so with the map reset to empty so we can see where folks visit from in the coming year.

One thought on “A Year’s Worth of Visitors

  1. thomo the lost 4 March 2010 / 9:46 am

    I should add to the post above that after reviewing the visitors statistics, February 2010 had the greatest number of visitors to Thono’s Hole ever – the previous record month was May 2009.


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