More on the Napoleonic Project

I decided tonight – the other side, at least for the time being – will be Prussians. So, it will, initially, be a German theme.

Figures for this? I was tempted to look at Baccus 6mm and I will likely use Baccus for other forces. However, for the project I decided to do the Prussians in Heroics and Ros figures and the Confederation of the Rhine in Adler Miniatures. I believe, however, that Adler and Baccus will mix so some Baccus may slip into the Confederation of the Rhine.

The orders went out tonight – enough Prussians from Heroics and Ros to provide a brigade from around 1813 of 3 battalions of Regulars, 3 reserve battalions, 3 Landwehr battalions, a battery or two of foot artillery and two regiments of cavalry.

For the Confederation of the Rhine side there is enough to provide 6 battalions of infantry, 2 regiments of Chasseurs and a couple of batteries.

Now, back to painting 1/6000 ships and World War 2 6mm Italians whilst I wait for the postman to knock!

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