Confederation of the Rhine in 6mm

P3162852 The first batch of figures for my upcoming Napoleonic project arrived yesterday. Enough figures for 6 battalions of infantry, two regiments of cavalry and a battery or two of artillery. I also ordered some generals and such. I’ve had a quick look through them and I am busting to start painting them. First thing, however, is to decide which battalions they will represent.

The figures themselves were purchased from Adler Miniatures of the UK. I must commend Adler’s service. I emailed my order to and receipt was acknowledged, letting me know that I would be contacted me with a price when the figures were ready. About 5 days later I got an email to say the figures were ready for posting and giving me a price. I then paid through PayPal and 6 days later an envelope arrived on my desk with the figures in them.

Apart from the great service, the other thing that impressed me was that Adler charged me exact postage. That was a nice surprise.

I have other figures on order as well – and I am waiting for later Prussians from Heroics and Ros as well as Duchy of Warsaw figures from Baccus. I believe that the Baccus and Adler are comparable size wise – well, we’ll see that anyway. I know the Heroics will be much smaller than the other two brands but I wanted them for the Prussians as they look more like the traditional toy soldier and I always think of the Prussians as like toy soldiers (yeah, I know, Thomo is cuckoo).

More when the other figures arrive.

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