I Had an iPhone and I Liked It … Not!

I had the chance to use an iPhone for a couple of days recently, something I looked forward to with a certain degree of relish. I parked my Nokia E71, took the SIM card out and put it in the iPhone. I will admit, it was a 3G 8 gig iPhone so not the latest phone but most of the features I was using have not really changed a great deal between then and now.

I gave it a good workout – having downloaded some music to it so I could use it as an iPod and a phone.

What didn’t I like then?

I didn’t like the short battery life – especially whilst listening to music. A couple of phone calls, a few text messages and a little bit of boogie and it was time to charge the battery again.

I was frustrated as well when I transferred my contacts from Outlook. Using the iTunes software, I synched my contacts from my laptop to the iPhone. Unfortunately, as I had a backup of my contacts (an Archive under Contacts) in Outlook, I ended up with two of every contact as iTunes synched all the contact address-books in Outlook rather than asking which one you wanted to synch.

Whilst the screen was easier to read than the E71 (it is over twice the size after all), and the input was fairly intuitive, it was impossible for me to hold the iPhone and answer an SMS one-handed, something that I can do fairly easily with the E71 and let’s face it, when you are driving and answering SMS messages, you should at least have one hand on the steering wheel ((OK, so I don’t drive and text but you get the message – so many times walking around the city I have one hand free whilst the other is carrying something and being able to write SMS messages one handed is an advantage)).

It was heavy. Considerably heavier than my E71.

To be fair, I know I will try it again next weekend and make sure I give it a good workout but on the basis of the last test, when my phone is up for renewal later this year it is looking like the Nokia N9000 (or is that N900?) if that is available then, or perhaps a Blackberry, or even a Nokia N97 or Samsung Omnia. I must admit to having a soft spot for Samsung as my mum is still using the Samsung I bought 4 years ago in Saudi Arabia and it still goes 4 days between battery charging and has the clearest display I have ever seen.

2 thoughts on “I Had an iPhone and I Liked It … Not!

  1. Mark Watson 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Ian (the wargames stuff I just read, but iPhones, I have to intervene) – the battery life on the iPhone is ironically being mostly used by running the 3G signal. With 3G, the phone is constantly running the signal – with 2G it isn't. If you set your email to push then most of the time 2G is fine anyhow. Go into preference, hit general, then network and then set 3G to off. Also if you're not using Wifi, switch it off, as the phone is constantly scanning for Wifi signals (but this has nowhere near the hit that 3G does). You'll find the battery life just about doubles. Music also has little impact, comparatively. As with most phones, when you use it for voice calls, that does use the battery!



  2. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the tips. I'll clear out the contacts, synch everything up a second time and give it another try this weekend. I must admit though that as the phone is designed as a "3G" or "3GS" phone, it seems sort of limiting to switch it back to 2G.



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