Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

CnW-19Or … some days you are the dog, some days the fire hydrant. Much as it is fun to win, it is impossible to win all the time. Whilst it is good to succeed when you test yourself again, sometimes you may fail. I failed. You can see the result in the photo – Thomo looking a bit like a beached whale minus the beach.

We went to Sentosa Island in Singapore for a company function. Part of the fun for the day was some time spent on the Mega Zip and the climbing course attached to it. Due to Thomo’s more fulsome figure the Zip itself was out of the question, however, the climbing course was in. I climbed! I worked my way around the intermediate climbing level, even falling at one spot but recovering myself. However, finally, I got to the stirrups. I was doing fine even there as I managed to get about half way over before slipping. Falling wasn’t the problem, regaining my footing was. I spent about 20 minutes trying to get back on my feet and failing each time. Eventually the sun, the heat and the effort got too much and I needed to get assistance to get down.

The young lady helping me out is under half my weight but she came up and managed eventually to get me to get into a position where I could be winched down.

I was winched down!

Apart from my thanks to the staff at Mega Zip, the only remaining thing for me to do was to face the music from the ladies in my life who proceeded to ask me if there was not an easier way to commit suicide.

Why did I do it? Well, if you don’t try things you’ll never know. Putting in the effort is important. I will go back there in the future and do that again … but I will do that when I am a little less fulsome.

In the meantime, enjoy Thomo looking a little uncomfortable.

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